Strategic Planning

Help us plan for the future of West Haven Public Library!

Are there things you would like to see happen in the library? Let us know!

There are two ways to participate and be apart of our future.

1. Take our Strategic Planning Survey!

The West Haven Public Library wants to know what you think about our community and current and potential library services. We’ll use your feedback to help us develop our strategic plan.

2. Participate in our Community Engagement Sessions!

We will be hosting a series of focus groups that will help shape the future direction of West Haven Library. Share your insights with us on the local needs and desires of West Haven community members.

All of our focus groups, led by ReThinking Libraries, will focus on a key area of importance so that we may better understand the community perspective and the library’s role. Additionally, each session will share examples and best practices from across the country as to what 21st century libraries look like.

All focus groups will be one hour long and held virtually via Zoom. You are welcome to participate in one or more of the focus groups that interest you. Registration is required so that we can send you the Zoom login information beforehand.

The focus area of each session is listed below:

Education & Youth
This focus group session will focus on the education and youth in West Haven and the libraries role in both.

Overall Library & Community Focus
This session will focus on the over library and community focus. Topics discussed will be what the library offers and what the library can do for the community.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
This session will focus on ways the library can improve Equity, Diversity, and inclusion.

Library Locations & Branches
This session will focus on the library locations and branches structure and what the future may hold for the service locations of the library going forward.

Community & Economic Development
This session will focus on the community and economic development within the library and how the library can provide these services.

To view more information about these groups and to register, visit the events section of our website.

Thank you for your time and participation!